A simple click around the umbrella pole and your umbrella table Lazy Susan is ready  for use… And you didn’t lift a pole!

"OMG!! I've never been the type to host events but since I bought this click and spin I've been hosting left and right! You get a great value for an unbeatable price. What's not to love??"

Image by Eye for Ebony

Ebony Nwongo


"Thank the FB gods for blessing me with this product! Never understood why I hadn't heard of a lazy susan that attached to an umbrella before! This has taken my event throwing to another level"

Smiling Lady

Jenn Rubar

• Made of 100% ABS Plastic
• Fits perfectly around umbrella poles
• Design to take the physicality of lifting an umbrella pole out of the equation
• Use for your family-style meals, beverages and condiments
• 16" dia. x 3/4" H
• 2" dia. center hole (standard for umbrella poles)
• Weighs less than 1lbs

"Every Sunday after church me and my family gather for food and drinks....really don't know how we would keep an organized table without this...highly recommended!


Arricka Weathers

016_9893 (002).jpg

"As a mother of 4, I can tell you now that this is a NECESSITY! Amazing product Luwa! Hope more people try this out!

Image by Anthony Tran

Sarah Wu

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